Shop Update #2

Brazilian Citrine Round Facets - 5mm

Hope everyone had a great weekend, we have a few shop updates this week. Lots of beautiful material has been added recently, so let’s dive in:

  • Since the last shop update we’ve listed the Mozambique Red Garnet, Chrome Diopside, and Brazilian Citrine. A few Chrome Diopside remain, as well we have plenty of the Red Garnet and Citrine!
  • We also received, and listed the Tourmaline Cabochons mentioned last time, these are 5mm round cabochons. They are 25 piece parcels, and have many different colors in each parcel. There is only 1 Tourmaline parcel remaining currently.
  • We just got some Rhodolite Garnet in stock, and they are listed in the shop. These come in 4.3mm round facets currently.
  • We will be listing new Ethiopian Welo Opal cabochons soon, which will be in 5x7mm and 6x8mm sizes. You can also expect to see Colombian Emerald facets shortly, as well as more Rhodolite Garnet cabochons and facets.
  • Farther out on the horizon we are expecting new sizes, as well more of current sizes of these materials: Amethyst cabochons, Peridot cabochons, Tourmaline cabochons, and Carnelian cabochons.