Shop Update #1

Tanzanite Round Facets - 3mm

Hey guys so i’m starting a midweek shop update, this will take place every wednesday. I just want to give all of my followers something to read, so they can stay up to date on what’s going on over at!

So a few days ago we got our Tanzanite cabochons and round facets in, these have been added to the shop. They’re a wonderful blue-violet color. The facets are a little lighter than the cabochons, however they’re all absolutely wonderful.

We marked down any and all older rough material we have for sale, these have been marked down ~50%, to ensure they find new homes this holiday season!

On Monday we received a new shipment of facets in. This shipment has Mozambique Garnets, Chrome Diopside, and Citrine; they are all 5mm round facets. Keep an eye out for these to be listed soon, unfortunately we’re waiting for a good sunrise, so it may be a few days before they are listed.

We are expecting Tourmaline cabochons to be coming in as well, we sold out of our last parcel fairly quick. They will be 5mm round cabochons, just like the last ones.