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Mixed Parcel of Garnet, Amethyst, Peridot, and Citrine

Shop Update #4

Mixed parcels are arriving at Chicago Gem Shop! Mixed parcels will allow you to save some money, while also saving time ordering. You can check all of the parcels out here ( ) We’ll be creating many mixed parcels as our available gems grow. We also are moving into higher end facets, and hope […]

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African Amethyst Round Facets - 4mm

Shop Update #3

We’ve been working on a major overhaul for the website! Things that are being added: Search Filters – Now you can search through gems by size, color, type, and style (facet, cabochon, rough) Blog – We want to keep the community in the loop, and we’ve found the best way to do that, is to […]

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Cryptocurrency Payment Options Enabled

Payment options $BTC $LTC $ETH and $XMR have been re-enabled after updating the website!

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Intl’ Shipping Rates Updated

Just updated international shipping rates, expect to pay less for gem orders now!

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Brazilian Citrine Round Facets - 5mm

Shop Update #2

Hope everyone had a great weekend, we have a few shop updates this week. Lots of beautiful material has been added recently, so let’s dive in: Since the last shop update we’ve listed the Mozambique Red Garnet, Chrome Diopside, and Brazilian Citrine. A few Chrome Diopside remain, as well we have plenty of the Red […]

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Mozambique Red Garnet Round Facets - 5mm

Thank you to all!

For the rest of 2018 we’ll be working on stocking up cabochons and facets for! We’re looking at sizes from 2 – 6mm for Round Cabochons and Round Facets. We’re also looking at oval cabochons and facets in sizes that range from 5x3mm all the way up to 6x8mm. Let us know if there are […]

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Tanzanite Round Facets - 3mm

Shop Update #1

Hey guys so i’m starting a midweek shop update, this will take place every wednesday. I just want to give all of my followers something to read, so they can stay up to date on what’s going on over at! So a few days ago we got our Tanzanite cabochons and round facets in, […]

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